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Re: xindy for OS/2

> I am very excited by your release of xindy, since it is exactly what I
> need right now.  (I'm doing a book which has Sanskrit indexes.)
> However, after a short time looking at the contents of 1.2.tar.gz, I
> realize that it will not be totally trivial to port xindy to OS/2.  I have
> gcc, flex, and so forth.  But xindy is clearly designed as a shell script,
> and as you know, OS/2 uses REXX or CMD for processing system-level
> commands.

Hm. actually the shell script is only a wrapper for a LISP system that
does all the necessary work. This LISP has already been ported to OS/2
but I don't have the resources to do that (I don't know so much about
OS/2 eithrt). Nontheless if you are experienced in using gcc (probably
the version by Eberhard Mattes) you may the the opimal candidate for
this port.

> Is there any prospect that you may produce an OS/2 version of xindy in the
> near future (week or two)?

I'm desperately looking for people doing that.

> If not, could you suggest some steps I could take to start making my own?

As a first point. get the clisp package from


and try to compile the system under OS/2 including a successful run of
the testsuite. If you are successful, contact me and I'll help you to
proceed. If everything works well, I expect it to be a one-day (maybe
two-day) project and a port should be available.


Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department          Technical University of Darmstadt