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xindy styles in LaTeX documents


I'd like to start a discussion concerning the handling of style-files
within LaTeX documents.

Since style files for xindy can be modularized it is possible to
extract frequently used modules into a personal library and put only
document-specific declarations into the style file. We must keep in
mind that index processing is to a large extend directly dependend on
the actual document.

A good idea would be to have a LaTeX-environment that can be used to
write the style-file. Something like



would be a good idea. This could write the contents to a style-file
which keeps the document and its processing information more coupled.

Since I don't know so much about LaTeXs interae I want to know what
would be the problem with such an implementation? I know that LaTeX2e
has some environment (filecontents, something like that) that does
something similar but I'm not sure, if it is possible with LaTeX or
TeX to read and output 8-bit characters. Actually, I'm not completely
sure, if we need this.

Any hints and comments are appreciated.


Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department          Technical University of Darmstadt