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Re: new version of xindy.sty


On 06-Apr-97 Joerg Diederich wrote:
> whenever I use \indexindy in my document, I get a gap in the
> resulting dvi-file, where \indexindy appears, e. g.:
> The line 
>   blabla foo\indexindy[attr=myattr]{foo} blablabla
> in my TeX-source appears as
>   blabla foo          blablabla
>              ^^^^^^^^gap
> in the final dvi-file. This is probably a handling error of mine,
> but I don't see what's wrong.

No, this is not your error. This is indeed a bug in xindy.sty.
In my test, i didn't include any text, so i didn't notice it. 

I will fix the bug as soon as possible

Regards, Andi