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xindy for DOS ?

Recently I learned about the existence of xindy (I found its 

For years I have been using my own index processor for processing my 
LaTeX indexes.  It is certainly not very advanced or flexible, but it 
has one great advantage: it knows the Danish sorting rules.
But now it seems that I should switch to xindy!

But as were are using DOS computers here at my department, the 
crucial question is: is someone porting xindy to DOS ?
(or, since the homepage text hints that the answer is no, maybe I 
should ask: how difficult is it to make a DOS version?)

Joergen Larsen                            (TeX:  J{\o}rgen Larsen)
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Roskilde University                       Phone: (+45) 46 75 77 11
P.O.Box 260                               Fax:   (+45) 46 75 50 65
DK-4000 Roskilde, DENMARK