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Re: Xindy-version fuer sunOS-4.1.1


> There is currently no binary distribution available for SunOS 4.x. The
> reason is that we do not have any access to these kind of machines
> anymore. Some weeks ago there was already somebody asking for such a
> version and I gave him some hints about how to build a system for
> SunOS 4.x.
> If you have the resources we would be very glad to help you building a
> version for SunOS 4.x.

I do have access to a sparc-1+ 32Mb sun-OS 4.11. with gcc-2.7.2 on it
with most other gnu-tools.

can you pack the sources and the build instructions into a gzipped tar
file and let me know where I can pick it up ?

> Walter told that under certain, not reproducible circumstances, parts
> of a generated index seem to be duplicated at the beginning and/or
> end. I'm very interested if somebody had similar problems (probably
> under the Linux version given above?).
> Since I never observed this kind of behaviour I can't help at this
> moment. Probably there are some problems with Output-buffering.

If you are interested I can mail you a copy of the raw index and a
copy of the xindy-output (including the repeated parts of the index)
let me know if this is of help.

> Any hints are really welcome...


Dr. Walter Obermiller (home sweet home)         (work of conviction) (smiling face)