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Re: problem mit tex2xindy unter os/2

> wenn ich unter os2 w3 oder w4 tex2xindy revision 1.6
> aufrufe, erhalte ich einen sys3175 oder 1808.

Hi, Andreas

you get an error SYS3175 whenever you call tex2xindy without
specifying a statistics (.sta) file. This file is used by tex2xindy to
store some information about attributes and cross-references.
The proper call of tex2xindy is therefore:

     tex2xindy foo.sta < foo.idx > foo.raw

Instead of calling tex2xindy directly, you normally use the
wrapper makeindex4. This Perl script

- generates a temporary xindy style
- calls tex2xindy
- eliminates duplicate lines in the resulting statistics file
- parses the statistics file to create necessary attribute
- calls xindy.

For new documents you should have a look at the xindy.sty by
Andreas Schechte. This style provides commands to create
index files which can be feeded directly into xindy making
tex2xindy or makeindex4 obsolete.

I hope, this solves your problems.

Joerg Diederich