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where does the raw-file come from ??


i'm missing something in the docs. 
(i'm probably too blind to see, but ...)

i haven't found something about how to produce the *.raw
file. there is nothing about how to work with multiple
indexes using the style files.

i think there should be a "real-world" example, not only
these empty *.tex and well prepared *.raw 
files in the Doc/tutorial directory.

also the tutorial or manual or xindy-by-topics they talk
a lot about the lisp-programming, about the superiority
of xindy (compared to makeindex), but no hints how to
start with a "real-world" tex-file.

my situation:
i used index.sty to produce multiple indexes in combination
with makeindex. it works fine, but i miss 8-bit characters
like umlauts.
i know the real TeX people love to type \"{a} all the time
and would never go beyond "a, but i prefer  (yes, i'm a very
lazy person and i use my computer just for work).
so i was looking for a maketex-version that could handle 
umlauts. xindy seems to do the job. i installed xindy,
nearly everything worked fine (the directories should be 
created first before they can be a target:
cp xindy.mem /usr/local/lib/xindy/binaries/`cat PLATFORM`
cp: when copying multiple files, last argument must be a directory)
after running latex i have two files concerning index-preparation:
*.ndx *.idx
running xindy in the way:

wald1:[diss] >xindy -l xindy.xlg ralf.xdy  diss.ndx
This is `xindy' version 1.2 (i386-linux-elf binary version 1.2).

Opening logfile "xindy.xlg" (done)
Reading indexstyle...
Loading module "ralf.xdy"...
Finished loading module "ralf.xdy".
Finished reading indexstyle.
Finalizing indexstyle... (done)

Reading raw-index "diss.ndx"...
ERROR: EVAL: Die Variable |iNDEXENTRY| hat keinen Wert.
wald1:[diss] >

is not very satisfying.
if i use an empty file called diss.raw verything works fine, 
.. on the default index-file *.idx, but there is no possibility 
to do both indexes (and the umlauts are in the other one ;-)).

lots and lots of questions

Gruss              Regards

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