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Re: where does the raw-file come from ??

>>>>> "RH" == Ralf Hoeller <> writes:


RH> also the tutorial or manual or xindy-by-topics they talk
RH> a lot about the lisp-programming, about the superiority
RH> of xindy (compared to makeindex), but no hints how to
RH> start with a "real-world" tex-file.

Did you try to use makeindex4? It's there for those who `just' want to
use xindy. The actual tutorial and the manual of xindy is not for
authors, but for those who want to develop style files.

Btw, the raw files are created by tex2xindy; but you should not need
to use this program, as it's called by makeindex4 internally.

I think we need to restructure the documentation to make the
distinction between author and developer stuff clearer. Also, thanks
for pointing out the problem during installation.


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