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I have two remarks and one question concerning the files in

- The fact that the files isolatin1m.xdy and isolatin1s.xdy
  are identical except for the words "merge" and "sort" is
  a clear indication to me that we need something like
  "merge-and-sort-rule" to do both in one step. Furthermore I think
  this should read "treat-identically-in-every-respect" (at least for
  the (merge-rule "^^e4" "" :string :again)-kind), because
  I cannot think of any situation where xindy should treat them
  differently (one exception: if xindy were to change the four bytes
  of input "^^e4" to one byte of output: "").

- It should be noted that the first section of the isolatin??.xdy-
  files isn't special to the ISO latin?-encodings, but applies to
  _all_ 8bit-encodings.

- Why aren't there any rules for ^^80 through ^^9f in the
  isolatin??.xdy-files? From the TeXbook:

    Text output is produced with this convention only when representing
    characters of code $\ge128$ that a \TeX\ installer has chosen not to
    output directly.

  Is there something special about these characters that I'm not aware of?



Reiner Schlotte - completely spaced out
University of Bremen, Geosciences Department