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Re: isolatin{1,2}{m,s}.xdy


Roger Kehr wrote:
>  RS> - It should be noted that the first section of the isolatin??.xdy-
>  RS>   files isn't special to the ISO latin?-encodings, but applies to
>  RS>   _all_ 8bit-encodings.
> Yes, that's right. Nontheless I thought that it might be easier from
> the users point of view to include just one file, not two different
That's right.

> ones, depending whether he/she uses \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}, or
> not. But maybe I should separate them and offer an additional styule
> that glues both together again. What's your opinion?
Just pull out the ^^xx stuff into an extra file that anyone can use
who's using inputenc, then "require" this file in isolatin??.xdy
(and all forthcoming styles for different input encodings).



Reiner Schlotte - completely spaced out
University of Bremen, Geosciences Department