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Re: A few comments

>  >  - writing a makeindex-like script which takes a .idx file and runs
>  >    it through tex2xindy and xindy. This is fairly easy, except that
>  >    tex2xindy doesn't seem to be documented at all.
> The Perl-script makeindex4 does exactly what you want. It should be
> part of the distribution.

I have seen it, of course, but as far as I have seen, it does not
offer an option to load additional .xdy files. So, if I want a
makeindex-like utility with French extensions, I can't directly use
makeindex4. I chose to call tex2xindy then xindy with my own .xdy
file. Did I overlook something?

>  >  - writing a .xdy file, which contains pieces of makeindex.xdy plus
>  >    French-specific commands. This requires reading the documentation
>  >    and browsing through the 'modules' directory. Not easy for casual
>  >    users.
> I absolutely agree! Wouldn't that be a good job for you?

Possibly, but I might not have enough time. If I create something
useful enough, I'll submit it.

François Pottier