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[xindy] Release of xindy version 2.0

	Hello out there,

I'd like to announce the release of the xindy-2.0 versions for the
following platforms:
    Linux ELF                   i386,i486,i586
    AIX-3.2                     rs6000
    Solaris 2.4, 2.5.1, 2.6     sun4m/sun4u
    SunOS 4.1.1 (maybe 4.1.3)   sun4c

Other versions hopefully follow soon...

The SunOS port was done by Walter Obermiller, who was able to compile
a version according to the description given on our source
coordination page. With the help of Walter, this document has now
become more mature which hopefully encourages others to try a port.

Documentation has been extended to include the new features introduced
with version 2.0.

The entire distribution is now again accessible from the FTP server at, and will be soon mirrored to CTAN. Links from the
homepage to the FTP server have been corrected accordingly.

An official announcement in the Usenet will be made in the next days.

Have fun!


Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology