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Re: Again: xindy on alpha-dec-osf4.0

Ralph J. Hangleiter writes:
 > We're advancing:

Ah, good!

 > I have modified the Makefile.local  (deleted -lsocket and -lnsl, because
 > we don't have them).
 > Now I get the following linker problem:
 > gcc -o modules.o lisp.a libavcall.a libvacall.a libtrampoline.a
 > libreadline.a libordrules.a librx.a libreadline.a -ltermcap 
 > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 > /usr/bin/ld:
 > Unresolved:
 > bindtextdomain
 > textdomain
 > gettext
 > gmake: *** [] Error 1
 > Any ideas?

Try to add the library -lintl. This should include the missing


Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology