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Re: Announce: xindy release 2.0 for OS/2 available

Joerg Diederich writes:
 >   Hi,
 > xindy release 2.0 for IBM OS/2 is now available. You
 > can get it at
 > Have fun!
 > Joerg
 > BTW:
 > The core binary xindy.exe is startable under MS-DOS 6.2 and
 > Windows 3.11 using the EMXRSX package (unfortunately, I can't
 > test it under Windows95 and Windows NT).

This is worth a try. Maybe we should add this information to the
homepage as well, if we are able to verify this. I know that some of
the participants of the mailing list are waiting for such a version.

Question: Are non-OS/2 users able to unpack the archive? I just had a
look at the archive and I'm not sure whether the install.exe is
runnable under WindowsXY as well. 

I'd suggest that everybody who tries to run xindy on Windows platforms
reports his/her experiences to the mailing list, such that we are able
to document this and improve the distribution.

 > To get use of xindy for OS/2 in these environments, you have to
 > port the functionality of the REXX or PERL scripts calling
 > xindy.exe with the proper parameters (maybe, there are some further
 > problems caused by the MS-DOS 8.3 filename restrictions). 

I have tried to keep most filenames in 8.3, though I forgot this
actually in the newest modules in modules/tex and modules/rules. Hm,
not too nice. If this really becomes a problem a new naming scheme
must be introduced in the modules directory. Maybe we should introduce
another subdirectory such as modules/rules/isolatin and similar
modules/tex/isolatin to overcome these limitations. 

 > Perhaps, this can help DOS or Windows users until a native Windows
 > port is available.

This is a problem for platforms like Windows that do not support a
good batch language. Nontheless, it would be a great improvement to
make it run on these platforms first. 

Cheers, and a nice weekend

Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology