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xindy 2.0 for MSDOS and Windows


good news first:

xindy 2.0 for OS/2 is running in 
a DOS-Box of Windows NT 4.0. You
need the EMXRSX package. With these
tools the OS/2 binary can be started
under MS-DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows NT 4.0.

AFAIK Windows95 should make no difference. But
I can't test it myself.

I've written a little MSDOS procedure as 
a wrapper to call xindy.exe with the proper
parameters. Please excuse the poor functionality,
but I'm no MSDOS expert and do not know how to
map all the features to the restriced MSDOS
command language. You'll find this procedure
at the end of this email.

Now the bad news:

- The zip file containing the OS/2 version is in
  IBM Software Installer format and, therefore, only installable under OS/2.
  I'm on the way, making a pure MSDOS binary package without (de-)install
  programs just containing the binaries and without any support (I'm no
  Windows/MSDOS expert) !
  You will soon find this package in the devel subdirectory at the usual
  xindy ftp-site.
- tex2xindy.exe is running under MS-DOS/WinXY/... (of course with
  a different name ;) ), but I can't imagine how to port the
  makeindex4 stuff to MSDOS platforms. I think, especially the part 
  generating the xdy-file can't be expressed only using MSDOS 
  command language (you have to sort the sta-file, eliminate duplicate
  lines, and create xindy-statements based on the remaining lines in 
  the file - any ideas?).

- The xindy source distribution contains various files violating the
  8.3 FAT filename restrictions. I think, it would be best to change the whole
  file hierarchy to ISO9660 file and directory naming conventions.  

I hope these information is of some value for anybody :)


<--- cut here --->

@echo off

REM test procedure for xindyOS2 under MSDOS
REM usage: xindy.bat xdy-file raw-file ind-file

REM Adjust all paths to your needs!!!!


echo (progn                                                 > tmp.lsp
echo (searchpath ".;d:/tmp/xindy/xindydos/modules")        >> tmp.lsp
echo (xindy:startup                                       >> tmp.lsp
echo :idxstyle "%1"                                       >> tmp.lsp
echo :rawindex "%2"                                     >> tmp.lsp
echo :output "%3")                                       >> tmp.lsp
echo (exit)))                                               >> tmp.lsp

d:\tmp\xindy\xindydos\binaries\xindy.exe -q -M d:\tmp\xindy\xindydos\binaries\xindy.mem tmp.lsp