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Re: xindy 2.0 for MSDOS and Windows


I've just finished packaging a MSDOS/Windows-Distribution
of the OS/2 version.

It contains the binaries:

- xindy.exe / xindy.mem     the main machine of this packet
-                containing the dpmi extender for using the programs under MSDOS
                            (many thanks to Rainer Schnither) 
- tex2xdy.exe               a program for converting makeindex indices to xindy
- mkidx.exe                 a "quick hacked and dirty" C++ program to implement the main tasks of
                            the PERL script makeindex4  
- xindy.bat                 a tiny MSDOS procedure as a wrapper for xindy.exe
- makindx4.bat              a tiny MSDOS procedure as a wrapper for the tex2xdy/mkidx/xindy-cycle

With these files it should be possible to use xindy in the following environments:

- OS/2 (native mode)
- MSDOS 6.2
- Windows 3.11
- Windows NT 4.0
- Windows 95 (not tested!!!)
- DOS box of OS/2
- DOS box of WinOS2 under OS/2 (if you like to do such weird things ;) ) 

I think, this package will be available soon at the usual xindy-ftp-site. I can't give
you much support with this stuff, 'cause I'm not using MSDOS/Windows environments. It
should be considered as an interim solution until someone suceeds in porting xindy to