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Re: xindy 2.0 for MSDOS and Windows

Joerg Diederich writes:
 >      Hi,
 > I've just finished packaging a MSDOS/Windows-Distribution
 > of the OS/2 version.
 > I think, this package will be available soon at the usual
 > xindy-ftp-site. I can't give you much support with this stuff,
 > 'cause I'm not using MSDOS/Windows environments. It should be
 > considered as an interim solution until someone suceeds in porting
 > xindy to Windows.
 > CU,
 > Joerg

Many, many thanks, Joerg. I've put the file to the FTP-Server and
added some notes about this version. 


Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology