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A Flexible Indexing System

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Xindy newby intro.

First an introduction.  I have been using latex to typeset a lexicon
of animal names in Chuukese.  I wanted to be able to specify an
arbitrary collating sequence.  With a good bit of help, and over
several years of time, I wrote an emacs lisp sort function to sort
accoring to a more or less arbitrary sequence.  Xindy now proposes to
do what I have had to kludge to do.

I would like to inquire whether the sort functions themselves are
accessible and useable outside xindy.  This could be useful as a
generalized sort function.  In fact, it would seem more useful in that
context.  Xindy would use the same routine as anyone was using to sort
this language.  I think it would be a service to native speakers to
enable native linguists in Chuuk to tinker, and come up with what
looked right.  Or just teachers.  I like my collating sequence for me,
but I am not a native speaker.  I did what xindy is doing---make  "a
and a equivalent.  (Rather make "a look to the sort program like an
a).  I think that gnu sort may be amenable to rewriting, but I am not
a C programmer, so I gave up.

I wrote routines to sort the index in that order then had to
reassemble the index.  So I like the potential to do it another way,
with xindy, with a few keystrokes of initial set up.  

Also I would like to ask about possibility for several indices: I'd
like to have a scientific name index as well as a headword index.
Excuse me if this is in the manual, as I have only quickly looked it

Alan Davis

Alan E. Davis                       Marianas High School (Science Department)     
AAA196, Box 10001   
Saipan, MP  96950    15.16oN 145.7oE    GMT+10       Northern Mariana Islands