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[Re: module library for MSDOS]

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"Monahan, George" <> writes:

Hi George,

> I am trying to install and run xindy on a Pentium II running Windows 98.
> The MSDOS package that I downloaded from CTAN does not have the tutorial,
> template files, and library of index modules mentioned in some of the xindy
> documentation.  

the xindy distribution consists of two parts - the platform-dependent
and the platform-independent files. The MSDOS package contains only
the platform-dependent parts. You find the rest (modules and
documentation) in the file 'xindy-2.0b.tar.gz'. To unpack this file
you need Windows ports of gzip and tar. I think you'll find them on
the CTAN server, too. Just search for gzip and tar.exe.

Please tell me if the MSDOS port works on Windows98 (it's not tested yet).


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maybe the DOS-versions of gzip and tar will do it too. gzip can be found at

There also exists a Windows3.1-Version of the Mac-Program Stuffit expander.
Try an archie seek for

hope it helps