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Re: merge rule question

"Monahan, George" <> writes:

> A merge-rule expression that incorporates regular expressions that is
> analogous to the example in Section 1.9 of the "How to..." Xindy
> documentation is not working as expected.  I am not too familiar with
> regular expressions and don't know where the problem is.  The merge-rule
> command I'm using is:  (merge-rule "\textsf{\(.*\)}" "\1" :again :bregexp)
> In the example that follows, I would expect both SUMPRODUCT entries to
> appear in the "S" letter group.  The marked-up version appears in the
> "default" group, however.


I'm no expert in regular expressions either. I think There might be a
problem with basic regular expressions in xindy. I tried to solve the
problem using extended regular expressions similar to the
hints in the xindy howto (page 8):

(merge-rule "\\textsf *{(.*)}" "\1" :again :eregexp)

or even better

(merge-rule "\\textsf *{(.*)}" "\1~e" :again :eregexp)

which works quite well.

Hope, this helps you.