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problem with \


I want to start using xindy and I am running into basic alphabet
problems. I am using xindy with xindy.sty and the example style makeidx.sty
where I added (require "tex/isolatin1m.xdy"). I have also set the variable
XINDY_SEARCHPATH to .:/usr/local/tex/texmf/xindy.
Now, with the input file
I get an .idx file looking like
(indexentry :tkey (("avion"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("b\^ateau"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("barre"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("camelot"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("\'ethiopien"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("envie"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("exact"))
            :locref "1")
(indexentry :tkey (("m\'etrique"))
            :locref "1")
which when processed with fmakeidx.xdy (makeidx.xdy + (require "tex/isolatin1m.xd
  \item 'ethiopien, 1
  \item avion, 1
  \item b^ateau, 1
  \item barre, 1
  \item camelot, 1
  \item envie, 1
  \item exact, 1
  \item m'etrique, 1
and this is not good, since I want at least to have \'ethiopien, b\^ateau, etc.,
not to speak about the sorting order which I have not yet included.
There are no errors when processing the file with xindy.
What did I do wrong or forget?
Denis Roegel