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xindy, omega and Unicode


you may have heard about the Omega extension of TeX. We are using 16-bit tables
internally, so that in general our system is based on Unicode. We need an
indexing utility compatible with this scheme. Would it be possible to upgrade
xindy to be 16-bit compatible?

Here is what we need:

foo.idx files will contain characters in extended hexa notation:

^^^^0123^^^^abcd^^^^0080 and so on

It should be possible to write a merge/sort file of the type

(merge-rule "^^^^41d8" "AØ") 

where AØ is the 16-bit character of hexa value 41D8
or to have a notation like in the newest perl (with utf8 module)

(merge-rule "^^^^41d8" "\x{41d8}")

This means that can (and will) be more than 256 letter groups, and that it also
should be possible to define groups of groups (Latin entries, then Greek entries,
then Cyrillic entries, and so on).

Is this possible? If yes, in the short range? in the long range?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

Yannis Haralambous

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