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xindy for linux-glibc2

Hi there,

I built XINDY for Linux systems with the glibc2 (libc6) version of the C
You can download the test version under

The binaries are in
I called this version 2.0d because I used the developers kit version 2.0d
(seems logical!) This version also fixes a bug in the xindy Perl script,
which caused the -f command line option to fail.

If you intend to use the tex2xindy filter, you also need this:
(Only the file tex2xindy.l changed)

It fixes several bugs, one of which caused tex2xindy to fail to work at all
under glibc2.

WARNING: This version currently does not yet successfully process the examples
ex1 and ex2 from the xindy testsuite! It also fails on the attached example
with: xindy ex1.xdy ex1.raw, generating an empty file ex1.ind and the screen
output ex1.log. (I don't know the reason yet.) However, everything else works.

If you test this version, please tell me if it works (or not) on your
system! Please don't forget to tell me which Linux distribution/version you

Thomas Henlich
(mapc #'(lambda (x)
	  (pushnew x *features*))
      '(STEP1 STEP2))

  (define-location-class "page-numbers" ("arabic-numbers"))
  (define-attributes (("definition")))

  (markup-locref :class "page-numbers" :attr "definition"
		 :open  "{\bf " :close "}")
(indexentry :key ("sábado")  :locref "5" :attr "definition")
This is `xindy' version 2.0 (i386-linux-glibc2 binary version 2.0).

Reading indexstyle...
Loading module "ex1.xdy"...
Finished loading module "ex1.xdy".
Finished reading indexstyle.
Finalizing indexstyle... (done)

Reading raw-index "ex1.raw"...
WARNING: unknown attribute `definition'! (ignored)
Finished reading raw-index.

Processing index... [10%] [20%] [30%] [40%] [50%] [60%] [70%] [80%] [90%] [100%]
Finished processing index.

Writing markup... [10%] [20%] [30%] [40%] [50%] [60%] [70%] [80%] [90%] [100%]
Markup written into file "ex1.ind".