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Re: Modules for spanish language under xindy

On 1/07/99 at 20:57, (Agustín Martín) wrote:

> Congratulations to the xindy team, I am finding it very useful. I intend
> to speak a bit about it in a spanish TeX workshop to be held in
> september, with a general overview and its application to spanish. I am
> sure people will like it.

I will be at that workshop also :-)

I think xindy could do much better: consider the case where you have Spanish
and Greek, or French and Russian, or Italian and Hebrew, or German and Polish... 
there are so many of combinations of two languages having different 8-bit codepages.
There is no way to say to xindy that we are switching codepages and sorting must
be different for each one. Fatally xindy will identify the ^^e0 of one codepage
with ^^e0 of the other codepage and the result will be crazy.

The most natural solution to this is to work in 16-bits. Everyone is switching
to 16-bits today, even Microsoft (which I hate so much) with Windows2000.

It is my conviction that to be really multilingual, xindy must become 16-bit compatible. 
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