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Re: Modules for spanish language under xindy

"YH" == Yannis Haralambous writes:

 YH> I think xindy could do much better: consider the case where you
 YH> have Spanish and Greek, or French and Russian, or Italian and
 YH> Hebrew, or German and Polish...  there are so many of
 YH> combinations of two languages having different 8-bit codepages.
 YH> There is no way to say to xindy that we are switching codepages
 YH> and sorting must be different for each one. Fatally xindy will
 YH> identify the ^^e0 of one codepage with ^^e0 of the other codepage
 YH> and the result will be crazy.

 YH> The most natural solution to this is to work in 16-bits. Everyone
 YH> is switching to 16-bits today, even Microsoft (which I hate so
 YH> much) with Windows2000.

Another natural solution is to use inputenc package (when using 8-bit
codepages in "original" TeX; i like Omega's universal OTP concept). :-)

For example, in case of cyrillic languages, when one uses 8-bit
codepages wiht inputenc, the AUX files will not contain such things as
^^e0 (for which it is impossible to guess the charset; thus AUX files
must not contain raw 8-bit chars), but will contain commands like
"\IeC {\CYRA }" for each cyrillic letter; and xindy will happily use
this information to provide correctr ordering (the same is valid for
all other 8-bit non-cyrillic codepages provided that inputenc is

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.