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Re: xindy for linux-glibc2

Thomas Henlich writes:

 > I made another version of xindy for linux-glibc2. It is available
 > under
 > The only difference to my previous version is, that I did NOT link against
 > the readline library. I think this library is not used anywhere in xindy.
 > (Of course, I might be wrong here. But it works for me.)

It is actually not needed and I've compiled the older versions mostly
without readline support. I'll put it on the server with the same
version number -- "d" instead of "d1".

 > This results in a reduced size of the executable
 > 800976 before, 731232 now. (But it is still quite large. Maybe there's still
 > a lot of stuff in there which is not really needed.)
 > Save resources!

Then don't use Java ;-)

Cheers, Roger

Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology