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Re: xindy for linux-glibc2

Thomas Henlich wrote:
> I made another version of xindy for linux-glibc2.
> It is available under
> The only difference to my previous version is, that I did NOT link against
> the readline library. I think this library is not used anywhere in xindy.
> (Of course, I might be wrong here. But it works for me.)

I tested with the same file as the other one and seems to work nicely.

debian unstable (potato), glibc2.1

One comment about both the previous version and this one. Are
they built for glibc2.0 or glibc2.1? I tried to make it work under
glibc2.0 and got the error:

$ make 
Creating file defaults.xdy...
Finished defaults.xdy.
./ -q -M ./base.mem -c ../../current/src/base.lsp -o base.fas
./ error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: __register_frame_info
make: *** [base.fas] Error 127

Everything works fine however with glibc2.1


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