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Re: xindy for linux-glibc2

There are some binary incompatibilities between different Linux
distributions which use glibc 2.0. This problem does not affect glibc 2.1
systems at all.

It is not very hard to overcome these problems.

If you are using xindy on a glibc-2.0-based Linux distribution and you get
the error message:

: error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: __register_frame_info

I suggest the following:
1.a If your system supports the installation of RPMs, then download and install

You can also read some information then with: rpm -q -i regframe

1.b Alternatively (if you can't handle RPMs), download and install
into your /lib directory.

2. Run 'ldconfig'.

3. Download the latest xindy binary
(This step actually not required but recommended)

4. Replace the file (from the xindy/current/src directory) with

5. Install xindy as usual.

Thomas Henlich