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Re: TeX, xindy and crossreferences

Nicolas Thiery writes:
 > 	Hello,
 > I have the following .idx file, that is generated by LaTeX and index:
 > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 > \indexentry {bla!ble}{6}
 > \indexentry {bli|see{bla!ble}}{6}
 > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
 > I pass it through tex2xindy and xindy. The later complains that the
 > cross reference "bla ble" does not exists. Indeed, the raw index
 > contains:
 > (indexentry :tkey (("bli")) :attr "see" :xref ("bla ble"))
 > instead of
 > (indexentry :tkey (("bli")) :attr "see" :xref ("bla" "ble"))
 > How should I tell tex2xindy to produce the later instead of the
 > former?
This can be fixed by adding the following line into "tex2xindy.l"

	<xref>{LEVEL}         { printf("\" \""); }

right above the line that says

	<xref>.               { qc(*yytext); }

This produces the effect you desire.

Cheers, Roger

Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology