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Re: Bugs in xindy 2.0b for linux i386

Peter Meszaros writes:
 > Dear Roger,
 > I found the following bugs in the indicated version of xindy (see subject).
 > 1. Xindy cannot find its preprocessed input.
 > In the xindy file (perl) line 218 should be
 >  $Rawidx = &quote_string($tmpfile);
 > instead of:
 >  $rawindex = &quote_string($tmpfile);

This is already known and has been fixed already.

 > 2. Xindy stops the makefile.
 > The return value is 9 if sig_catch is called at line 248 (sig_catch calls exit(9);).
 > The line should be
 >   unlink $tmpfile;  # do cleanup 
 > instead of:
 >   &sig_catch; # do cleanup

This seems to be a good idea. 

 > 3. If -t (trace) option is given for Xindy then the trace messages
 >    will br printed into the *.ind file instead of the log file.
 > Forget if it is intentional.

Actually it is intentional to see tags mixed with index information

Cheers, Roger

Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology