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New version: Modules for spanish language under xindy

Hi all:

I have rewritten most of the stuff for the spanish language styles for
xindy and attach the resulting zipped file to this message. Previous
version had a total admixture between sort rules and TeX. Now, files
with the sort rules are independent from that having the TeX stuff, and
several sort stages were introduced. These are the files now:

es-rules.xdy: Basic rules.
es-moder.xdy: Letter groups and sorting phases for modern alphabet.
es-tradi.xdy: Letter groups and some special things about traditional
              letter-group. Other things like sorting phases come from 
fix-tex.xdy:  Some fixings for accented i in TeX.
es-mkidx.xdy: A makeindex like style, but for modern spanish alphabet.
es-tridx.xdy: The same for traditional spanish alphabet.
LEEME.espanol, README.spanish: README files

There is a very disturbing BUG in latin-exchange.xdy. A spurious X in
the first
line is crashing the process:

X;; latin-exchange.xdy                  Roger Kehr       14 Jan 98
;; Exchanges lower and uppercase letters.

For these style files to work, this typo needs to be fixed, since
uppercase go after uppercase for equivalent words. I am sending a
separate message about that to the list.

Please let me know about any problem with these style files.


Agustín Martín Domingo, Dpto. de Física, ETS Arquitectura Madrid, 
(U. Politécnica de Madrid)  tel: +34 91-336-6536, Fax: +34 91-336-6554,,