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Re: Bugfix for tex2xindy

Thomas Henlich writes:
 > A new release of tex2xindy is out. It fixes the cross-reference-to-subitem
 > bug (\index{bli|see{bla!ble}}) as well as a couple of other minor bugs
 > (concerning usage of the quoting character).
 > You can download it here:
 > Available for download is the source file (tex2xindy.l) and (just in case
 > you should need it) a Windows 32 bit executable (tex2xindy-win32.exe, rename
 > it to tex2xindy.exe)
 > -- 
 > Thomas Henlich

Thanks for this new version. I have merged my own changes with yours.
The result is attached to this email.

I am about to put together a new release containing relevant patches.
If you have any additional changes to contribute or other wishes,
please contact the list.

Cheers, Roger

Roger Kehr
Computer Science Department         Darmstadt University of Technology