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Re: Indexing bibleverses

Thank you for the tips!

I wanted to try this but my DOS-Xindy do no longer run.
Is anybody in this mailinglist who also use Xindy under Win95 an can 
help me?

Last week I could start Xindy with no problem in a DOS box and today 
when Im starting it in a DOS box the error occurs:

"rsx not found, DPMI not supported by emx"

But I have the right paths and I have changed nothing!

And then I get the message that Xindy demands the MS-DOS mode. This 
means that Xindy does no longer run under Win95.

Whats the error?

If I don't get Xindy running - does anybody know another indexing 
tool that runs under Win95 without problems?

Thank you!


Manfred Kirschhock
--PGP-Key auf Anfrage/on request---