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RE: Proposals for xindy documentation

Hi all,
It is great to hear from other Xindy users, I 
was beginning to think I was alone. I agree
completely with Konstantin's suggestions. We also
had trouble beginning with xindy (difficulties in
installing the package correctly and then in 
understanding the documentation).

This is a great package and I think many people would
find it useful--what about improving the documentation
and install so that it could be included in the teTeX 
Even though it is excellent and designed very well, 
we need more people to be using the package in order to 
extend it and debug it.

Things that would help xindy gain in popularity:
	the repository simplified and cleaned out,
	documentation simplified and extended with
		examples, tutorial and include the 
			reference material from the developer's kit.
	one-step makefile installation

These items could lead to bundling with the teTeX distribution,
which would provide critical mass for xindy's immortality, including
sort rules for more and more languages...

--Tim Arnold
  SAS Institute Inc. 
  Cary NC USA