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xindy for linux (glibc-2.1)

XINDY for Linux systems with the glibc-2.1 version of the C Library is ready!

You are welcome to download it here:

Currently the examples ex1 and ex2 of the testsuite can not be processed
(probably nothing to be worried about).

There are also some warnings during the 'make all' stage of installation
(about functions being used but not defined), which probably can be safely
ignored as well.

I also put together an archive of the platform-independent stuff:

This includes version 1.12 of tex2xindy, the TeX-.idx-format to
xindy-input-format conversion tool
and a change to the xindy perl script (clean-up on exit) suggested by 
Peter Meszaros <>.

Nothing else is new in xindy-2.0d.tar.gz.

Because some of the xindy distribution is pretty platform-dependent already,
maybe it would be a good thing to make a rpm package of it, which can be easily
installed on many Linux installations!?

Thomas Henlich