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xindy for linux compilation troubles


I just gave xindy & clisp-2000-03-06 a try up to a non go (I had previously
installed some linux binary and confirmed the non-working examples)

It seems that the newer clisp gives xindy some trouble, especially:
> The following functions were used but are deprecated:
> [...]
> *** - A foreign variable "ordrules_string_buffer" does not exist
> Bye.

other than that I had to (trivially) patch the Makefiles a bit, as the newer
clisp seems to have been restructured. Copying the object/library files and
remaking in xindy, seems to be an overkill anyhow. (And I wonded why
the clisp guys decided to call their libs lisp.a and not liblisp.a to enable
-l switches. Perhaps some clisp people are listening?)

I guess that perhaps some people are working on porting xindy to the newer
clisp, is this so? I just entered the list, perhaps stepping on an active

Regards, Axel.