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Re: xindy for linux compilation troubles

I use the following steps to compile clisp for xindy (on Linux):

1. Get the xindy extensions to the clisp source (I made them into a module):

2. Unpack them into the modules/ directory of clisp source distribution

3. Now you have two choices:
./configure --with-dynamic-ffi --with-noreadline
--with-module=regexp-in-libc  --with-module=ordrules-regexp-in-libc

./configure --with-dynamic-ffi --with-noreadline
--with-module=regexp --with-module=ordrules

I use a) for Linux.

4. cd src

./makemake --with-dynamic-ffi --with-noreadline
--with-module=regexp-in-libc --with-module=ordrules-regexp-in-libc > Makefile

./makemake --with-dynamic-ffi --with-noreadline
--with-module=regexp --with-module=ordrules > Makefile

6. make config.lsp

7. make
   Takes a couple of minutes (12 minutes on my Pentium 200 MHz).
   Get some more coffee.
8. make check
   (You can skip this step, if you want)

Now you have and lispinit.mem in the full/ directory.
You can now copy them to the xindy binary dir, renaming them to
and base.mem, respectively.

I got this working with clisp-1999-01-08 and (partially) clisp-1999-07-22. 

Hope this helps.
Thomas Henlich