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new tex2xindy

I'm pleased to announce a new version of tex2xindy.

Tex2xindy is a converter from TeX's .idx file to the raw index file format
needed by xindy.

- converts characters in ^^xx hex notation into 8-bit characters. I
implemented this because old versions of TeX (TeX 3.14159/Web2C 7.0 and
before) would output this notation to the .idx file (if the index.sty
package is used) whereas new TeX (Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.3.1)) already
outputs the 8-bit characters.
- converts ^^^^xxxx and ^^^^^^^^xxxxxxxx hex notation into UTF-8 byte
sequences. Useful for Omega (hopefully). Has no effect for TeX users.
- handles multi-line index entries properly.
- you can now redefine all the definitions, e.g.
ENCAP    \|
LEVEL    !
IS       :
QUOTE    \"
to contain other rules than just one character (also QUOTE). For example, if
you mix input files from different authors which use different characters
to denote a sublevel (let's say, ',' and '!') you can define
LEVEL    [,!]
in the tex2xindy.l source to recognize any of those characters as the
'level' character.

The source and a precompiled Windows 32-bit executable is available here:

Have fun!
Thomas Henlich