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markup rules question


First, a minor bug: xindy refuses to accept filenames starting
with a dot, as filenames with raw index. E.g.:

$ xindy -o .qq2 somefile.xdy .qq1
This is `xindy' version 2.0 (i386-linux-glibc2 binary version 2.0).

Reading indexstyle...
Loading module "somefile.xdy"...
Finished reading indexstyle.
Finalizing indexstyle... (done)

Reading raw-index ".qq1"...
ERROR: no file name given: #P"/tmp/0/.qq1"

Second, could you please help with the following question.
Is it possible to set up markup rules in such a way that
the markup of an index entry of depth n will depend on
whether there are entries of depth n+1?

For example, the texindex program (which is part of texinfo)
supports the following (following is a comment from texinfo.tex):

% The index entry written in the file actually looks like
%  \entry {sortstring}{page}{topic}
% or
%  \entry {sortstring}{page}{topic}{subtopic}
% The texindex program reads in these files and writes files
% containing these kinds of lines:
%  \initial {c}
%     before the first topic whose initial is c
%  \entry {topic}{pagelist}
%     for a topic that is used without subtopics
%  \primary {topic}
%     for the beginning of a topic that is used with subtopics
%  \secondary {subtopic}{pagelist}
%     for each subtopic.

Could this behavior be emulated with xindy?

I.e., if there is only an entry with depth 0, xindy should generate
a markup of the form
\entry {topic}{pagelist}

But if there are also entries with depth 1, xindy should generate
a markup of the form

\primary {topic}
\secondary {subtopic}{pagelist}
\secondary {subtopic}{pagelist}