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strange segfault in xindy: remark

in a sample file which i've sent in my previous letter, i used an
external style file "texindex.xdy" not present in xindy distribution.

however, the same segfault happens if i use makeidx.xdy, i.e. the
following file test.xdy:

(merge-rule "\\IeC *{(\\[a-zA-Z]+) *}" "\1 " :eregexp :again)
(require "tex/makeidx.xdy")

The bug is triggered by the merge-rule line above; also, it is
dependent on the line length in a raw index: if i remove some letters
from :key, no segfault happens.

Also a note: when running a testsuite from the mentioned version of
xindy on my linux box, i get a message that tests ex1 and ex2 failed.

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.