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Re: strange segfault in xindy

"RK" == Roger Kehr writes:

 >> With xindy linux binary distributed in
 >> xindy-2.0d2-i386-linux-glibc2.tar.gz 
 >> i get a segmentation fault while processing a simple 4-line raw
 >> index with a simple style file. Attached are two files in a
 >> tarball: test.raw and test.xdy. Here is a transcript:
 RK> I assume that you use the older version of the xindy port for
 RK> Linux.

i use the binary distributed in

it looked to me that this was the latest xindy version (if i'm wrong,
please correct me, and i'll download a more recent version). in the
above tarball, the most recent files are base.mem and, which
are dated 1999-07-06.

 RK> This bug is known since July 1999 and has been reported on this
 RK> mailing list:

i've double-checked that i'm using that version of xindy...

 RK> The bug is caused by some rudimentary limitation on the length of
 RK> strings to be processed. There was a buffer of length 128 on the
 RK> heap which was not bounds-checked. I lifted the limit to 4096 for
 RK> the moment which should be enough for most applications.

 RK> The quick fix is to

 RK>         #define STRING_MAX 1024
 RK> in "mkind.h" instead of 128 ;-)

 RK> If anybody seems to need more space for the length of keywords in
 RK> his applications, tell me. I'll integrate it into a future
 RK> release...

 RK> Please check out whether this solves your problem.

the file mkind.h is not distributed with binary distribution. is there
a source distribution (i've tried to use old files
xindy-dk-2.0d.tar.gz i once downloaded from ctan, but it is not clear
how to build xindy from them: it seems that additional packages are

am i using the latest version of xindy (mentioned above)? could you
please check whether the test file produces a segfault with this

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.