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Request for Comments: Future of xindy

       Hello out there,

as some of you may have already noticed I'm not able to support xindy
in the way it should be. This is mainly due to lack of time and

I have already discussed this topic with Thomas Henlich and he
suggested to move the whole project to

Here is what SourceForge tells about itself:

About SourceForge

Mission Statement: SourceForge's mission is to enrich the Open Source
community by providing a centralized place for Open Source Developers
to control and manage Open Source Software Development.

People: The SourceForge staff has worked hard to make SourceForge a
reality, here's your chance to meet the people behind the site.

Thanks: We owe a lot of thanks to the people that wrote the Software
that runs SourceForge. We'd also like to give Kudos to the following
people and organizations for helping make SourceForge happen.

More Information: If you have further questions, they might be
answered in our site documentation, hardware list, or frequently asked
questions. You might also look at awards we've won or SourceForge in
the News.

Quite famous projects are located there as you can see in the top
downloads list:

With this mail I'd like to open up this topic for broad discussion.

There have been many hints about what could be improved, ranging from
documentation, packing new distributions to additional features. 
Putting it on sourceforge could open up future improvements by the
people interested in those topics. Especially, 

Especially. I'm interested if any of would be interested in playing
the role of a coordinator that manages the project in the future. 

Any comments are appreciated.

Cheers, Roger

Roger Kehr                   email:
Department of Computer Science              phone: +49 6151 16-6233
Darmstadt University of Technology            fax: +49 6151 16-6229